Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘L.A. Hair’ Reality Star Anthony Pazos Says He’d Ask Khloe Kardashian for Love AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: ‘L.A. Hair’ Reality Star Anthony Pazos Says He’d Ask Khloe Kardashian for Love Advice

By Jessica Nappi

If you haven’t heard of celebrity hairstylist Anthony Pazos yet, you’ll certainly be familiar with some of his clients. From reality queen Khloé Kardashian to ‘Twilight’s’ Ashley Greene, Pazos is in the fast lane with his star-studded clientele. He’s even become a star himself, taking center stage in the reality television show ‘L.A. Hair’ on WE tv. As fortunate as he’s been in his career, it looks like he’s even luckier when it comes to love.

Pazos is in a six-year “committed and monogamous” relationship with his partner whom he “loves to death.” Like Pazos, his partner is not shy in front of the camera. Unlike Pazos, whose radiant personality can be seen on reality TV, his partner is an actor who wishes to remain anonymous. But Pazos assured us that we’ve “probably seen him in some stuff.”

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Even with his hectic schedule, he says that he always makes time for his one and only. “We both have goals, so we understand that during the day, even if we don’t see each other, we still love each other,” he shares. “Then at night, it’s our chance to reconvene and connect.”

Pazos’ relationship wisdom comes both from his own experiences and the abundance of clients who spill their hearts out to him. His best advice? “Write down what you need in a man, get out there and date. See if all those requirements are being fulfilled by that guy — but just know that nobody’s perfect.”

If Pazos wanted love advice from any of his clients, he said he’d choose Khloé Kardashian. “I’ve seen Khloé and Lamar [Odom’s] relationship first hand, and they are very much in love,” he says with confidence.

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Speaking of reality TV, Pazos defends his show, saying, “People think that the show is not real, and I want to make it clear that the show is very real. Everything you’re seeing is really happening – it’s not scripted.” That means that even Pazos insulting Omarosa, the infamous ‘Apprentice’ star, is true: he really did say that she had “camel breath” after she offended him.

Giving us the behind-the-scene dirt on this showdown, Pazos reveals that Omarosa’s people ended up tweeting him. “They wrote, ‘We don’t want you tweeting Omarosa anymore saying that she has camel breath.” Pazos stood his ground and did not apologize.

Whether he’s planning a date night with his partner or getting into egotistical fights on ‘L.A. Hair,’ Pazos believes that “love makes the world go round.” Given his fast-tracked career and big personality, we are sure that his time in the spotlight is only beginning.

Of course, staying true to his background as a hairstylist, he leaves us with this date night advice, “Never be afraid to pop in some hair extensions!”

Catch Anthony Pazos every Thursday on ‘L.A. Hair’ at 9/8c on WE tv. You can also check out his Facebook fan page or follow him on Twitter.