Cupid's Pulse Article: Weddings Show Single Men What They’re MissingCupid's Pulse Article: Weddings Show Single Men What They’re Missing

By DeAnna Lorraine

Summer is here, which means wedding season is already well underway. That’s good news for those walking down the aisle, but how about for those who are still single? Sure, some might use weddings as a hot singles spot to meet someone new, but others just feel depressed. There’s a reason that therapy bills increase every summer. Though major movies like Wedding Crashers always cast single women as being desperate and emotionally vulnerable, it seems that men are more and more likely to be bitten by the love bug first at a wedding. In fact, they’re also just as likely as women to be emotionally vulnerable. Here are some other things you might not have realized about single guys at weddings:

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1. Men can be vulnerable: Sure, they pride themselves on showcasing a tough and “manly” exterior, but men have feelings just like women do. They’re not just at weddings looking for casual relationships; they’re usually feeling just as strongly about commitment as their female friends and relatives.

2. Men don’t always show their feelings: Because of the need to appear strong, most men aren’t used to expressing themselves outwardly. Although they might not be using an entire box of Kleenex while at the wedding, their emotions are definitely getting stirred up on the inside, usually just as much if not more than women’s.  Because men don’t typically deal with their feelings as thoroughly as women do or analyze them to death with their friends, when they are faced with something like a wedding, they’re often even more stirred up and affected.

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3. Men are anxious for love:  The popular stereotypes that cast women as the clingy, needy gender and men as the cold and insensitive one just aren’t true any longer. Men are more sensitive and anxious for love than you might think. Weddings actually seem to activate a man’s own version of a “biological clock,” leaving him feeling more eager to find a woman of his own and settle down. Suddenly the bachelor life looks less fun when they see those happy couples walk down the aisle.  In the last seven years of coaching singles, I’ve always had about 10% more male clients than female clients. However, that number has been steadily increasing in the last few years. This might be a reflection of this trend: a growing number of men seem to be the ones who are more interested in getting married and settling down.

Are men and women gradually starting to switch roles? It might not be long before women are the ones passing the tissues to men at the weddings, with men going back home updating their Hope chests. Let’s stay tuned and see.

Nicknamed, “Ms. Hitch,” DeAnna Lorraine specializes in helping even the most introverted men and women find the best ways to find confidence to express themselves in order to find love. She has years of experience coaching hundreds of singles of all kinds on how to go from lonely and distressed to total romantic success in a few months. She’s seen regularly on television and has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show offering her insights and advice.