Cupid's Pulse Article: Drew Barrymore Loves Working with Justin Long!Cupid's Pulse Article: Drew Barrymore Loves Working with Justin Long!

Spotted!  At a red carpet event in celebration of her Nylon cover, E! News interviewed Drew Barrymore about her costar Justin Long.  “He, by the way, is the most wonderful person to work with” the star gushes.  Barrymore and Long have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for awhile, and although she refused to comment on their current status, the two have teamed up for the new movie, Going the Distance.  While rocking a vintage dress, Barrymore added, “I’m so excited about this movie.  As a girl, I relate to this movie and the boy in me loves the comedy in this movie.  It is a very good date movie!”

Is it a good idea to work with your significant other?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being in a relationship with a co-worker can lead to office gossip and the possibility of blending business with pleasure.  Cupid has some ways to keep things from overlapping and work alongside your partner:

1. Alone time: Being together for most of the day can cause some tension.  Find some type of outlet that will get you away for a couple of hours a day, like a separate group of friends or a hobby.

2. Less arguing: Keep an open line of communication, and listen to your partner’s feelings.  You can minimize fights by frequently checking in with each other to see how their professional and personal lives are doing.  This will also lessen the chances of blending the two.

3. Limit convos: Don’t let work take over your personal life.  If you notice that all you talk about at home is the office, then bring up new subjects, like vacation ideas, what to do this weekend, or even the weather, as long as it gets you out of that same-old topic of conversation.  This applies vice-versa as well.  Don’t bring arguments or discussions from home into the workplace.