Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Andy Samberg Fell for Joanna NewsomCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Andy Samberg Fell for Joanna Newsom

Andy Samberg was falling for Joanna Newsom before he even met her! “He liked her music and would go to her shows,” Samberg’s friend tells “He had the biggest crush on her.” The couple has been together for five years, and they are still standing strong. They enjoy spending time at home, where Newsom loves cooking dinners for them, and listening to his goofy music. “They have great chemistry,” the friend says. “She’s so proud of everything he has accomplished.” Newsom was right there to support Samberg when he made the difficult decision to leave Saturday Night Live.

How do you know when it’s “meant to be”?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether you’ve been with someone for a while, or you’ve fallen head over heels right away, you may start wondering if he is “the one.” Here are some signs that you and your partner could be in for a lifetime of romance:

1. You support each other: It’s important to be with someone who will constantly empower you to be your best self. If he encourages you to go after your goals and recognize your own greatness, this may just be a sure thing!

2. You communicate well: Just because the two of you work well together doesn’t mean you won’t hit some speed bumps. If you can get through your arguments by speaking your part while still listening to and appreciating his, it shows how much you care, even if you disagree on certain points.

3. You’re genuinely happy: The emotions and energy you have when you’re with your significant other are the best way to tell if he’s right for you. If you feel great about yourself and he makes you want to be a better person, stick with it! If you feel fearful or put down, it’s time to let him go.

How did you know you and your man were “meant to be”? Share your story below!