Cupid's Pulse Article: Bobby Brown Ties the Knot with Alicia EtheredgeCupid's Pulse Article: Bobby Brown Ties the Knot with Alicia Etheredge

On Monday, R&B star Bobby Brown tied the knot to manager Alicia Etheridge while visiting Hawaii to perform a New Edition concert. The recent groom originally popped the question to the new Mrs. Bobby Brown in 2010 during a sold-out concert, just three years after his divorce from the late Whitney Houston. He later opened up to People, saying  “I got my passion back for music and for loving myself because of her.” Family and friends were in attendance to support the couple, but Brown’s daughter with Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was absent because of her poor relationship with her father. Unfortunately, the newlyweds will not be spending their honeymoon in Hawaii due to forthcoming tour dates, but will at least continue traveling side-by-side.

What do you do if you don’t have time for a honeymoon after your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

A honeymoon allows newlyweds to embrace the beginning of their new long-lasting marriage, but it’s not always possible to spend the time or money to have one right away. Here are some great alternatives that will let you celebrate your new marriage even if a traditional honeymoon isn’t an option:

1. Bring the honeymoon to you: A honeymoon’s significance isn’t the location, but the meaning behind it. You can have relaxing days together and romantic dinners wherever you are.

2. Daring adventure: Try a new activity that you might do on a honeymoon. For example, skydiving or swimming with sharks is a memory that you’ll always share as something you did as a couple, even if you do it close to home.

3. Honeymoon suite: Rent the honeymoon suite at a fancy hotel in the same area as your wedding. If you can’t honeymoon for an extended period of time, you can at least get the honeymoon experience for one special night.

What would you do if you didn’t have time for a honeymoon? Share your ideas with us.