Cupid's Pulse Article: Julianne Hough Handles Ryan Seacrest’s FameCupid's Pulse Article: Julianne Hough Handles Ryan Seacrest’s Fame

They usually try to keep a low profile, but Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough went out in public over the weekend, cruising around Los Angeles in Seacrest’s convertible Aston Martin, and enjoyed brunch at the Four Seasons poolside restaurant, Cabana, People reported this week. Despite both wearing hats, Seacrest was recognized and approached by fans…and Hough wasn’t.  However, she played it cool, waiting by his side while Seacrest greeted them.

How should you act if people want to talk to your partner, but not you?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be awkward when you’re out with your other half and people only talk to him or her.  Here are some of Cupid’s tips on playing it cool while you wait it out:

1. Stand by: Even if you might feel silly just standing there while your significant other fields questions and chats away, standing by and being patient shows your support.

2. Smile: If it turns out to be a more than a quick question or chat, smiling will assure your partner and whoever he or she is talking to that you’re not grumpy about the situation, even though you may be.

3. Don’t create a scene: If the conversation veers away from friendly to flirty, and people start hitting on your partner, don’t step in or get mean.  Your mate is with you for a reason, and since you’re standing right there, you have no reason to worry about anything.