Cupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy the Summer Together like Halle Berry and Olivier MartinezCupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy the Summer Together like Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

By Lauren Bailey

The always-gorgeous Halle Berry has been photographed out and about with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez quite a bit recently, and the two seem to be having a blast enjoying the sun and sand of summer. These two celebrities set a great example of the perfect way to celebrate this time of year together. Not only can we take style notes from the pair, we can also learn a lot about using the summer months to make our own bonds stronger with loved ones. The beauty of this season is that you can go anywhere and feel like you’ve just stepped into a vacation, making it the perfect time to reconnect and have a blast with your beau. Check out some tips for setting up your own romantic mini-getaway:

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1. Choose a location near water: Sure, you might not be able to choose a California beach like Berry and Martinez did, but any location near water can be a romantic place for a stroll, a day in the sun or even a quick picnic. If you don’t live near the coast, try to find local rivers, lakes or ponds, though even a pool will do. Remember, atmosphere is everything, and getting out of the house and into a waterside setting will certainly do you and your sweetie both some good.

2. Enjoy the sun: Instead of heading indoors the moment the temperature rises past 90 degrees, try letting the sun add a little romance to your activities. Warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to wear that tiny little skirt that’s been sitting in your closet or even nothing but a bikini and a wrap. Berry and Martinez were able to enjoy the sun but avoid most of its harmful rays by strolling in the evening.  Cool mixed drinks can help you beat the heat and set the mood for a good time. If you stay in the shade, let your legs hang out and get a little tan. If you try to enjoy the sun, you’ll feel like you’ve been transplanted to a vacation on a beautiful island and the romantic vibes will start flowing.

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3. Pick a calming environment: No matter where you choose to celebrate the summer with your partner, make sure that locale is peaceful. The beach might sound like the perfect idea, but it won’t be romantic if it’s packed with screaming kids and angry parents. Even the silence of the pool in your own backyard seems calm enough, but that could be disrupted by your neighbor’s plans to build a deck next door. If you’re trying to set up a romantic summer day, make sure to pick a location that will be quiet enough for the two of you to be together and enjoy the ambiance with the privacy you need.

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