Cupid's Pulse Article: Oprah Grills Kardashians on Kim’s Brief Marriage to Kris HumphriesCupid's Pulse Article: Oprah Grills Kardashians on Kim’s Brief Marriage to Kris Humphries

Oprah Winfrey interviewed the entire Kardashian ‘klan,’ but it was Kim and her abrupt marriage to Kris Humphries that peaked her interests the most. Winfrey admits that she had never seen any of the Kardashian reality shows, making her question all the more why they have become such a cultural phenomenon and the cause of much media speculation. People reports that Winfrey took to Facebook to express her thoughts and wrote, “This interview I’d say was another level of forthrightness and honesty. Why did she leave after 72 days? Her answer leveled me.” We’ll have to wait for Kim to open up about her much-talked-about divorce when the highly anticipated interview airs on OWN.

How do you avoid getting married before you’re ready?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many people like Kim Kardashian get lost in the fairytale perception of marriage when, like relationships, it comes with ups and downs for which you have to be prepared. Here are some ways to avoid rushing into marriage:

 1. Don’t say ‘yes’ just because your partner proposes: Proposals are most often unexpected, which means you don’t have time to think about the consequences of your answer because you are caught up in the moment. If you feel any hesitation, do not say ‘yes.’ It doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner; the timing could be wrong. Explain your reasoning, and they will understand.

2. Focus on the present, not the future: When you’ve been dating someone, it’s easy to get lost in the romance and talk about your hopes for the future. These talks could be giving your partner false hints and hope. Do not get carried away in talking about marriage and children to a person you are not sure you want to marry or have kids with.

3. Set a goal: Set a goal, and stick to it. Plan a certain age that you would like to be married so that when the time and age comes, you will know you are making a reasonable decision.

How would you avoid getting married too early? Tell us below.