Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown Watches Rihanna from Afar at NYC ClubCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown Watches Rihanna from Afar at NYC Club

Singers and exes, Rihanna and Chris Brown are anything but predictable, making it difficult to keep up with their roller coaster relationship. What’s known for sure about the pair is that both artists have an undeniable love for partying, so running into one another is inevitable. Last Monday night, the pop star was under her ex’s surveillance, when they both showed up to the New York City hotspot, Avenue, reports People. Although Brown was reportedly surrounded by close friends drinking champagne and taking shots, he couldn’t refrain from looking over to Rihanna’s table, who apparently was with her latest suitor.

What are some ways to avoid an awkward confrontation with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Since you can’t ban your ex from going to your favorite places, there’s always a risk you’ll run into him or her. Here are some ways to avoid confrontation if you happen to have a run in with a past flame:

1. Pretend you don’t see them: This doesn’t have to be as immature as it sounds. If you happen to notice your ex is at the same place you are, don’t make it obvious. Discreetly keep it to yourself; that way, if they see you, the ball is in their court.

2. Don’t try to show off: The worst thing you can do is attempt to make your ex jealous by dangling a new prospect in front of him or her. This behavior will not only make you look silly, but your attempt will send a message that you’re trying way too hard, which gives your past lover a reason to confront you.

3. Play it cool: Don’t get upset or flustered and remember that they’re most likely feeling the same uneasiness. Take a deep breath, smile and carry on as you were. A light conversation may be nice, but it’s certainly not necessary.

What have you done to avoid an awkward confrontation with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend? Share below.