Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Handle Wedding Season as a Single GalCupid's Pulse Article: How to Handle Wedding Season as a Single Gal

By Jennifer Harrington

Summer is the season of many things, including warmer temperatures, weekend getaways, sundresses and weddings. As wedding bells are ringing, it’s no secret that the arrival of an invitation in the mail can bring angst to a single lady. No matter how you feel, remember that weddings are a reason for everyone to celebrate, even single folks. Keep these tips in mind in order to navigate and embrace wedding season, even if you’re “without guest”:

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1. Consider the men you know.

Once a wedding invitation arrives, take stock of the guys in your life. Do you have a crush or even just a good friend? Ask him to accompany you. Most guys, whether their interest in you is purely platonic or not, are eager to accept a wedding invitation, as it usually means a fun day with a free open bar. Having someone as your arm candy gives you a partner in crime for the wedding. Plus, if you have romantic feelings for your date, no place has more romance in the air than weddings.

2. Try to meet new people.

Even if you don’t have a special guy in mind to accompany you, don’t forget that weddings are an excellent place to meet someone new. Flying solo gives you the opportunity to mingle, particularly with members of the opposite sex. Some have even said  that showing up unattached to the festivities labels you as a “hot commodity.” You can be sure that the bachelors in attendance will take note and will flock to make introductions. Embrace their attention, dazzle the gentlemen, and remember: it’s not uncommon for people to meet their future spouses at a friend’s wedding!

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3. Be confident.

If you’re self-assured and confident, you’ll be a lot more likely to have a great time. Wear a dress that makes you feel your best (for inspiration check out celebrity-style guest attire), and enter the wedding ceremony with the right attitude. Take the day as an opportunity to have fun and celebrate the bride and groom. Don’t forget to test your luck at the bouquet toss!

How do you handle weddings when you’re single? Leave a comment below and tell us.