Cupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James’ Ex Janine Lindemulder is Following Along!Cupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James’ Ex Janine Lindemulder is Following Along!

Jesse James’ ex-wife Janine Lindemulder is heading south to Austin to be with her daughter, E! News reported this week.  After a court battle, Lindemulder was granted joint legal custody of daughter Sunny, but the celebration was cut short when James received physical custody, deciding to move down to Austin, TX with their child.  The former adult film actress was originally uncertain about the move because she wasn’t sure if she could provide a lifestyle of equal standards for the child like James and former step-mom, Sandra Bullock, had given her.  In addition, E! News reports that Lindemulder requested additional funds.  Sunny’s parents deliberated the $6,500 increase in support in court Monday.

Would you move near your ex to be closer to your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

If your divorcee is moving away with the kids and you plan to follow, Cupid has some things you should consider first:

1. Reason: Make sure you understand the reasons for the move.  He or she may not be doing it to hurt you, especially if there are financial reasons involved.  The move may be what’s best for your children, so don’t simply follow along because you think your ex is trying to keep you away from the kids.

2. Move along: Any move is life-altering.  You’ll need to change your address, house, and possibly your career and friends.  Before making such a big step, consider your financial resources, and ask yourself if you’re really willing to make this change.

3. Awkwardness: Maybe your ex moving away is a good thing.  Have you considered all the possibilities?  How would you react if your ex started dating again?  Being nearby with so many mutual connections outside of your children (like teachers and doctors) might spur up some awkward meetings and conversations.