Cupid's Pulse Article: Love in the Limelight: Why You Should be Happy You Aren’t FamousCupid's Pulse Article: Love in the Limelight: Why You Should be Happy You Aren’t Famous

By Edwin

Finding love is hard, and it’s one thing that being rich and famous doesn’t make easier. Although  people like you and I might have moments of dating delights and despair, we at least get to experience these in private. Because of all of the attention they get, celebrities don’t have it easy when it comes to making a love connection. However, it’s not all that different for them. Here are some things we can all learn from watching the pitfalls of dating in the spotlight:

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1. Make time for love. Plenty of celebrity couples have ultimately split because of conflicting schedules that forced them to spend too much time apart. Lady Gaga recently called off her relationship with Taylor Kinney because of the demands of her Born This Way Ball tour. However, even those of us without international tour schedules need to make love a priority if we want a lasting relationship. Take a look at your schedule and figure out what you’re willing to put aside to make room for love. If your relationship is important to you, you might have to sacrifice small things like yoga or book club.

2. Don’t give up your successes: Rihanna has talked about how her fame often intimidates her potential suitors. Similarly, some men can be intimidated by regular girls with successful careers, healthy bank accounts or nice cars. Keep your radar up for guys who feel uncomfortable with your success. If they seem more interested in getting you out of the boardroom and into the kitchen, then it’s time to move on. And men, embrace a woman’s strength and independence–don’t try to smother it. She will treat you the same in return.

3. Keep some things private: No matter what they do, stars have the whole world watching. Even a regular Joe or Jane who hooks up with a celebrity is subjected to an onslaught of paparazzi and gossip rag rumors. However, even if you’re not in the spotlight, your love life will often be scrutinized by friends and family. To keep your relationship going strong, be sure that some things are reserved for just the two of you. Don’t overshare with your friends and don’t dish about your exes to your current love interest.

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4. Show the real you: Celebrities are often so used to keeping up their professional image that it’s hard for them to reveal their true selves. Similarly, with online or speed dating, it’s tough to tell what’s true and what’s just advertising. Make sure you don’t oversell yourself on dating profiles, and be willing to show the real you. After all, a true love connection has to be based in reality.

5. Take a chance: Winona Ryder shared a story where she met a nice guy, but when he revealed that he had always had a crush on her, she couldn’t trust his motives. She wondered if he just wanted to meet someone famous or if he really liked her. Ultimately, trust is a key issue for all relationships, famous or otherwise. For love to take flight, both parties have to let their guard down and take a risk on letting someone in. While it’s always best to proceed cautiously, don’t be so guarded that you scare love away.

Edwin is a writer for Celebutaunt and content specialist for USDish