Cupid's Pulse Article: Charlize Theron Discusses Her ‘Scary’ Blind Date For CharityCupid's Pulse Article: Charlize Theron Discusses Her ‘Scary’ Blind Date For Charity

Charlize Theron is not a fan of blind dates. While visiting Conan, Theron spoke about a time when she was coaxed into auctioning herself off for a blind date for charity. Despite the good cause, Theron felt foolish for going through with it, noting that she was worried rather than eager for romance. “The closer I got, I thought: ‘This could actually turn out really bad,’” she told Conan O’Brien. To keep herself safe, Theron had two friends go to the restaurant and sit nearby, but she noted that in the future, she’d rather donate to charity directly than go through such a traumatizing ordeal.

How do you get out a blind date that’s headed south?

 Cupid’s Advice:

Not all dates go smoothly, and blind dates can be even harder . If things don’t go the way you want, it helps to have an escape plan. Here are some ways to tactfully jump ship without seeming rude.

1. Meet your date at the restaurant: When you meet your date in public, you always have the option to leave. This can be harder to do if you meet them at one of your homes and drive somewhere together. Plus, this is the safest way to approach a blind date. By meeting them out, you prevent a stranger from knowing where you live.

2. Don’t commit to a long evening: Choose an activity with a short time frame. This way if you’re unhappy, you can leave after a short period of time. That’s better than having to endure a five course dinner with a boring potential partner.

3. Have a friend help: Set a designated time for a friend to give you a call. If you’re enjoying yourself, ignore them, but if things are going poorly, feign an emergency and get out of there.

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