Cupid's Pulse Article: Kellie Pickler & Fiancé Are Planning a Unique WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Kellie Pickler & Fiancé Are Planning a Unique Wedding

Kellie Pickler got engaged to her songwriter beau Kyle Jacobs in June, and they’re slowly but surely making wedding plans, even if that means being a bit non-traditional.  Pickler told People magazine that Jacobs is a “snapper” – he stands and snaps his fingers on the dance floor – so there won’t be a first dance at their wedding.  And with their love of all kinds of animals, the couple is thinking about having their pet python be the ring bearer!

How do you plan a unique wedding that represents you as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

A wedding is a special occasion, a milestone in life, and should represent the couple being united together.  But if the couple doesn’t care much for tradition, it may rock a few boats.  Here are Cupid’s tips on planning the wedding of your dreams while still pleasing your guests.

1. Compromise: Maybe you both don’t want to do the traditional first dance, but your grandparents’ eyes tear up when they hear you won’t be hitting the dance floor as a couple, and will instead boogie right into the YMCA.  Instead, keep another traditional part of the ceremony or reception in tact, like the bouquet toss, to make family members happy.

2. Don’t go too over the top: You and your fiancé are different, so your wedding should be unique.  But keep it in check, or it could get tacky, or just plain weird.  Ask friends or family members for their opinions before making final decisions.

3. Don’t get in over your head: Releasing doves the moment you kiss and swans walking around the cocktail hour area might sound perfect, but doves are hard to orchestrate and swans can get mean and nasty.  You want the picture-perfect wedding, but not everything is realistic.  Do yourself a favor by hiring a wedding planner to help figure out what you can afford, what works for your budget, and what will still look fabulous and keep guests talking long after the wedding.