Cupid's Pulse Article: How To Ease Your Nerves Before a Blind DateCupid's Pulse Article: How To Ease Your Nerves Before a Blind Date

By Nisha Ramirez

You’re sure to have a lot of troubling questions before any first date. What should you wear? What will you say? Will you make a good first impression? However, when you’re set up on a date with someone you’ve never met before, new questions about your mysterious potential partner are added to the mix. What will they look like? What will their personality be like? As a result, blind dates can be both the most exciting and the most nerve-wracking romantic experiences of all. Take a deep breath, count back from ten and read our tips on how to stay calm before a blind date:

1. Spend the day with friends: Creating a relaxing and easygoing atmosphere early in the day can set the tone for a relaxing and easygoing date in the evening. Go shopping, see a movie, eat lunch with your friends or just do something you love. A fun-filled day will leave you in a positive mood and give you plenty to talk about on your blind date. Plus, if you wear an outfit that can easily go from day to night, you won’t have to rush home and change your outfit 50 times.

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2. Exercise: Before you slip on that hot outfit, work out! Exercise releases endorphins that will make you feel happy and confident. You don’t have to hit the gym or a high-cardio Zumba class; it’s enough to dance to music around your house. If you time your workout well, you’ll still have a glow from your improved blood flow when you show up on your date.

3. Think positive: When trying to lose weight, experts tell their clients to picture a thinner version of themselves for added confidence and motivation. Why not try this for calming your pre-blind date jitters? Take a warm bath or sit in your living room while meditating on what you hope your date will look like and how the evening will go. By visualizing your evening as pleasant, you’ll stay in that positive mindset.

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4. Be fashionably late: If you still feel nervous after trying the steps above, arrive at your date a bit late. This way you can scope out the venue and get a chance to see your potential mate before they see you. Just don’t stand your date up. If you really have to leave, be sure that you’ve at least spent some time getting to know them first.

How do you ease your nerves before a blind date? Share your comments below.