Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Magic Mike’: A Steamy Summer FlickCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Magic Mike’: A Steamy Summer Flick

By Jessica Smith

Ladies: your dreams have come true.  For the price of a movie ticket, you can get a front-row seat for a Channing Tatum striptease.  The Hollywood hunk is returning to cinemas in Magic Mike, a film where he plays an extremely successful male stripper who seems to have everything a guy could dream of: women, money and a good time.  Even so, he’s looking for something more and he may have found it in Paige, played by Cody Horn. It seems like she can’t help falling for this fun-loving bad boy, but she doesn’t agree with his career choice. As the trailer shows, the two appear to have just the right amount of chemistry to flirtatiously and humorously banter back and forth, which sets flame to a potential romance.  But will their differences tear them apart?

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Should You See It? This is a film that’s going to be as hot as summer itself. You’re not going to want to miss your chance to see these sculpted bodies, including Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer, on the big screen.

Who To Take: The world of male strippers is no place for children , but it does make this a great flick to go see with your girlfriends. You can joke with them about what you would do for the chance to have Tatum strip for you without your partner getting jealous.

Are there aspects of your partner that you have a hard time accepting?  Here are some tips to help you love their flaws without changing who they are:

In the movie, Paige has a hard time grasping the thought of dating a male stripper, but Mike tries to convince her that Magic Mike isn’t his full-time identity and that there’s more to him than stripping.  Similarly, it can be easy for us to like someone, but it’s more difficult for us to love someone, especially when they have characteristics that we might view as flaws.  Here are some ways to settle your differences:

1. Surface the issue: If you don’t tell your partner you have an issue, they’re not going to know there’s a problem. Keeping your concerns secret could create tension in your relationship.

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2. Work on the problem: The easiest way to fix most issues is to work on them together as a couple. Doing this will strengthen your relationship. If it doesn’t, you can at least know that you’re too different to make it work in the long term.

3. Accept their differences: Remember that everyone made their own unique journey to adulthood. Your partner’s might be very different from yours, but that doesn’t make either wrong. Sometimes, you have to understand where someone has come from in order to accept their characteristics that you believe are negative.

How did you and your partner work out your differences? Share your comments below.