Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Top Tips On How To Find “The One”Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Top Tips On How To Find “The One”

By Chris Owen

If you’re single, bored and playing the field, there’s never been a better time to get the job done and find a new person to date. Though most relationships start in the workplace, you can still find love anywhere if you’re willing to work at it. By acting the part and grabbing fate by the throat, you can easily find “the one” and be happy in love. Here are some simple tips to help bring you closer to the object of your affection:

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 1. Be caring. Even if you’re a mean or moody person, you still have a heart, so show it and get involved! Find out how you can run, walk, swim or cycle for charity. As soon as you’re passing around that sponsorship form and subtly letting colleagues know you’ve turned over a new charitable leaf, you can guarantee that you’ll be raising both dollars and pulse rates.

 2. Be nice. Don’t just care about causes, care about the people around you as well! Even little things like opening doors, giving compliments and being nice are all great ways to get yourself noticed by members of the opposite sex. Fill your day with smiles, laughs and cheery greetings and you’re sure to be well-liked. If you adopt a pleasant attitude towards everyone, the object of your desire is sure to notice you sooner or later.

 3. Be there. If your intended “catch” always takes the same bus, always brings lunch to the park or they’re hitting a particular bar at five o’clock every Friday, then learn that pattern and make sure you’re there, too. Of course, I’m not advocating stalking, but if you just so happen to be in the park, on the bus or down at the bar once a week, then there’s no harm in that. If you slightly adjust your own schedule, you won’t even have to acknowledge them. Just be there, and after a while, they’ll speak to you and romance can blossom.

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 4. Be interesting. How hard is it to read a great novel and leave it casually on the corner of your desk or go to the theater and drop it into a conversation within earshot of your “partner-in-waiting?” Learn a language, play the guitar or go on vacation to an exotic country. If you make what you want to do seem interesting, you’ll be noticed for sure.

 5. Be exciting. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys warm baths, NPR and an early night, then good for you. There’s a lot to be said for the comforts of home, and I hope you’ll be very happy with your partner Tim the cat. However, for all of you who are still looking for someone who’s slightly less feline, you need to actually get out there and make it happen. Being perceived as exciting doesn’t mean you have to ride a Harley Davidson or go on adventure holidays every other weekend. Stay out late every so often, watch a few live rock bands, do the odd bungee jump or get yourself pierced or tattooed. Even small things like these can make you seem like a great person to date. Plus, the more out of your comfort zone you step, the more likely you are to book some safari holidays down the road.

Remember, if you’re hoping to date someone, the only one who can get you there is you! Keeping simple ideas like these in mind can turn you from single to taken before you know it.

Chris is happily married after meeting his wife in the middle of the jungle while undertaking his adventure holidays in deepest darkest Asia.