Cupid's Pulse Article: EXCLUSIVE: Happily Single ‘That’s My Boy’ Actress Abigail Klein Says Love “Will Happen When It’s Supposed to Happen”Cupid's Pulse Article: EXCLUSIVE: Happily Single ‘That’s My Boy’ Actress Abigail Klein Says Love “Will Happen When It’s Supposed to Happen”

By Jessica Smith

You may have already caught glimpses of Abigail Klein cheering for the Dallas Cowboys or appearing on the CW Network’s 90210. Now, you’ll be getting another peek of her in a role that she hopes will launch her acting career. The rising star, who’s been compared to model Brooklyn Decker, still pinches herself when she thinks about playing a bridesmaid in the upcoming Happy Madison film, That’s My Boy.

As a young actress, she says that she is flattered to be working alongside A-list celebrities, including Adam Sandler, Andy Sandberg, Leighton Meester and James Caan.

“It was insane,” Klein says. “Everyone was so brilliantly funny and wonderful. That was the most pleasing thing, I think, because everyone was so welcoming.”

Klein describes being on set as the “best of both worlds,” especially considering she spent a month in Cape Cod. “It was really cool to work with these amazing actors and then watch them in their everyday lives too.”  Klein explains how Adam Sandler had his children on set and how amazing it was to see him go from actor to dad.  “Although I play one of the bridesmaids who is there to have fun and take part in the wedding festivities, I also got to observe how all these amazing actors interact both personally and professionally.”

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Her best piece of advice, however, came from costar Meagan Fay. “I remember chatting about how to take on the industry with the right mindset. We talked about people in the industry and how having good qualities for yourself, in your everyday life, translates into your work.

Positive things come from being positive,” Klein recalls. “At the end of the day, it’s a career, and you have to love it. Meagan had a lot of good advice.”

Although her acting career seems to be taking off, her love life remains at a standstill – something that she doesn’t really mind. Despite rumors that she’s dating legendary quarterback Troy Aikman, she claims that she’s “as single as they come.” Instead, she’s focusing on becoming a better actress and going with the flow.

“I’ve always thought of romance as something that will come along when it’s the right time, so for now, I’m focused on myself and what I’m doing with my life. Everyone says it happens when you’re not looking, but I’m at the point where I’m almost hoping it doesn’t happen,”  she adds.  “I want to focus on my career, and I want to focus on me. I want to experience things by myself.”

She also wants to encourage her peers to think about themselves and their own happiness before they start worrying about partnering with another person. “When you do meet that person, you get to share your life and come together and be proud of the experiences that you’ve had as individuals. Then, you make new experiences with that person,” advises Klein. “I think it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I think it should be easy and just feel right.”

Don’t let her fool you, though. If she landed a role with action star Chris Hemsworth, she might change her mind. “[He’s] a big reason why I liked The Avengers,” she says with a laugh.

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If Klein had her choice, she would love to make an action film, but for now, the starlet is keeping an open mind.  “I’m just excited to take things day by day and see what else is out there,” she  reveals.

Don’t miss Abigail Klein in That’s My Boy, which hits theaters on June 15! You can also follow her on Twitter @abigailklein.