Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘That’s My Boy’ Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Surviving Your Crazy In-lawsCupid's Pulse Article: ‘That’s My Boy’ Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Surviving Your Crazy In-laws

By Jessica Smith

Adam Sandler has been playing “dad” throughout his career, ranging from an unlikely role model in Big Daddy to a fun-loving parent in Grown Ups, but That’s My Boy might be his most unconventional role yet. At thirteen, Sandler’s character knocks up his teacher and then becomes a single parent when she’s put in jail. His son, played by Andy Sandberg, leaves as soon as he’s eighteen and becomes incredibly successful, but his new life is threatened when his low-life dad stumbles back into the picture. As the boys attempt to develop the father-son relationship they never had, tension builds with Sandberg’s fiancée, played by Leighton Meester. The trailer is full of laughs and the slapstick humor that has become Sandler’s signature, which should make this a great choice for people looking for a laugh among the summer’s more serious films.

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Should You See It? This movie has some great A-list actors and an outrageous plot that will create a conversation you’re going to want to be a part of.

Who To Take: This would be a great film to see with some friends who are looking for a good laugh.  There’s going to be some great humor coming from all the actors with some special appearances from stars like Vanilla Ice.   

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Do you have a hard time getting along with your in-laws?  Here are some tips to help you out:

In That’s My Boy, Sandler plays the role of a hardly-lovable soon-to-be in-law, and Meesters’ character, her family and her friends are forced to embrace Sandler’s wacky personality.  They have a hard time adjusting to this unpleasant surprise, especially since they’re in the midst of engagement celebrations and wedding plans.  Here are some tips to keep your in-laws from driving you crazy:

1. Be Civil: You’re not always going to agree with your in-laws, and giving in to their wishes isn’t the best solution either.  Whether you decide to take their advice or not, you should at least be civil and take their thoughts into consideration.

2. Be Understanding:  It may seem like your in-laws are trying to make your life hell, but they actually just want what’s best for their child. Sometimes letting someone else make those decisions can be difficult for them to grasp, so avoid pointless bickering and try to see the situation from their point of view.

3. Be Positive: Instead of constantly trying to find ways to bother your in-laws, be proactive! The easiest way to keep them from driving you insane is to build a better relationship with them so you can eventually see eye-to-eye on things.  This will make life easier for both you and your partner.

Do you know the secret to a happy relationship with your in-laws?  Share your comments below!