Cupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Is Dating NFL’s Brian UrlacherCupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Is Dating NFL’s Brian Urlacher

An upcoming Playboy photo shoot for 39-year old Jenny McCarthy isn’t the only new and juicy detail in the star’s life. According to PeopleE! confirmed through McCarthy’s publicist that she has been dating linebacker Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears for about a month.  The two were spotted enjoying dinner together in the city her new beau resides in, specifically at Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s restaurant. The actress took to the media herself on Thursday of last week at Generation Rescue autism charity event in Chicago to make the special announcement. Although McCarthy did not go into detail about her relationship with the NFL star to Chicago’s NBC 5, she made sure to display support for her new man by simply stating, “Go Bears, that’s all I can say.”

What are some ways to announce your new relationship to friends and family?

Cupid’s Advice:

New relationships are both exciting and nerve-wracking when it comes time to sharing the news with the people you love. Here are some great ways to announce your new relationship:

1. Invite them to a family dinner: A setting where a nice conversation can be held will allow your family to get acquainted with your new love, and vice-versa.

2. Bring them to a party hosted by a close friend: The atmosphere will be fun and relaxed.  All eyes won’t be on you and your new babe, but it’s enough to know you are a duo.

3. Host a game night: Invite family and friends over for a great time. Give them the opportunity to enjoy your significant other the way you do.

How have you introduced new relationships with the ones closest to you? Share your stories with us.