Cupid's Pulse Article: Brad Pitt Says Celebrity Engagement With Angelina Jolie ‘Made Sense’Cupid's Pulse Article: Brad Pitt Says Celebrity Engagement With Angelina Jolie ‘Made Sense’

One half of the hottest Hollywood couple — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — attended the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. The actor took the time to discuss his recent celebrity engagement to his leading lady. According to People, Pitt said the engagement was “something that made sense.” Although he was in France to promote his new gangster movie Killing Them Softly, he also put to rest a rumor that he and his celebrity love were planning to marry in August. He explained, “There is no date. We’re still hoping for marriage equality in the United States before we get married.” With that said, Hollywood may just have to wait a little longer for their walk down the aisle.

Pitt knew he was ready for his celebrity engagement. What are some ways to tell it’s time to pop the question?

Cupid’s Advice:

An engagement is one of the most important steps in a relationship, The biggest decision is choosing when to make the move. How did Pitt know that his celebrity engagement was at the right time? Here is some relationship advice on when to pop the question:

1. Consider her constant hints: If a girl is ready for that next step, she will usually let you know in some way or another. She may start to discuss her dream engagement ring or a friend’s recent wedding. Listen out for any clue your partner may be giving.

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2. Talk of the future: If your significant other always includes you in his or her future plans about relationship and love, it may be time to starting thinking about taking that next step. The word “our” rather than “my” means a lot more them than you think!

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3. You’re 100 percent committed: If you are crazy in love, completely faithful, and can’t imagine being with anyone else, maybe it’s time to prove this commitment to your partner. Show your mate that you want them in your life forever by proposing.

How would you show your man that you’re ready for him to pop the question? Share your ideas below.