Cupid's Pulse Article: Hayden Christensen & Sophie Monk Spotted Leaving PremiereCupid's Pulse Article: Hayden Christensen & Sophie Monk Spotted Leaving Premiere

As reported in Perez Hilton, possible new couple Hayden Christensen and Sophie Monk were spotted leaving the premiere of Takers together.  The two reportedly left quickly in the same car.  The Star Wars actor has reportedly been taking a break from his relationship with Rachel Bilson.

What does being on a break from a relationship really mean?

Cupid’s Advice:

When a couple goes on a break, the relationship could go either way.  Read on for some of Cupid’s ways to tell whether of not this is a break – or a breakup:

1. Loyalty: If one half of the couple wants – or is willing – to be with someone else, this person should think about how much the relationship they took a break from really means to them.

2. Time out: Even if one or both parties attempt to be with someone else, it doesn’t mean the relationship is over.  This could be a way a of discovering the couple’s true feelings for each other.

3. It’s over: Sometimes a break in a relationship can become a permanent separation.  However, this doesn’t mean the former couple can’t still be friends.  See what works best for you.