Cupid's Pulse Article: Russell Brand Unfollows Katy Perry on TwitterCupid's Pulse Article: Russell Brand Unfollows Katy Perry on Twitter

British comedian Russell Brand and and singer Katy Perry will be officially divorced soon, but Brand is getting rid of any kind of connection between the two and unfollowed her on Twitter. The two had only been married for a little over a year before they decided to split, and it appears that the pop star isn’t having any trouble moving on. Perry was caught making out with musician Robert Ackroyd at Coachella, and although their relationship is still new, an insider told, “They’re having a fabulous time.”

What are some advantages to cutting all ties after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Once you split with your ex, it can be best to lose any connection you have to them to avoid drama or heartache. Cupid has some tips:

1. No jealousy: If you spend time stalking their latest facebook pictures or checking their most recent friend activity, you’ll begin to create scenarios in  your head about how much better off they’re doing, and it’ll create unnecessary and false jealousy.

2. No constant reminders: They became your ex because you wanted them out of your life, so get them out. You don’t need any reminders, whether it’s pictures or Twitter popping up to give you a little memory of your time together.

3. Fresh start: By cutting all ties you can get the fresh start that you need to move on to a better tomorrow. Leave the past in the past and start trekking down a more hopeful, ex-free road!

What helped you move on from your ex after a break up? Share your comments below!