Cupid's Pulse Article: Sean Penn & Robin Wright Divorce FinalizedCupid's Pulse Article: Sean Penn & Robin Wright Divorce Finalized

After a messy road towards divorce, Sean Penn and Robin Wright have at last signed papers, finalizing their divorce, figuring out all questions relating to child support, spousal support, and child custody. People reported that Wright hopes to remain friends with her ex, despite their history.

Can you stay friends with an ex after a nasty split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Penn and Wright have an interesting marriage to say the least, but the fact that they have a child together means they will always have to be a part of each other’s lives.  In order for exes to have a relationship post-split, both people have to work at it.

1. Be adults: It takes a lot to look past a difficult and angry history with someone, but it can be done so long as both people commit to looking forward.  Don’t hold grudges, or bring up old ills.

2. Think of others: Whether it’s children, or even just mutual friends – if you and your ex are committing to starting a friendship, then it should just be between you two.  Don’t get angry if your friends are also buddies with your ex.  Think of how your relationship, both past and future, will affect those close to you.

3. Expect the worst: Very few people who were in a serious relationship together can then turn around and become friends.  Understand that it might not work. If it does fail, move on, and find the best compromise for you both.