Cupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Says She’s Not Ready to Start a FamilyCupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Says She’s Not Ready to Start a Family

Carrie Underwood isn’t feeling pressured by Hollywood. The newlywed country singer says she has no immediate plans to start a family with husband Mike Fisher, reports “We’re good [without kids]. I’m super busy and he is super busy. We are still newlyweds,” said Underwood backstage at American Idol on Thursday. “I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it would mess things up right now! We’re good right now!”

How do you know when you and your mate are ready to have kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

Choosing to start a family is a difficult decision to make, especially when you’re happy with the status quo. Here are a few suggestions as to when to start a family:

1. You want a family: If you find yourself eyeing babies you see at a local park or going gaga over your neighbor’s daughter, it might be time for you to start thinking about a family of your own.

2. Financially secure: Even if you and your partner feel emotionally ready for a child, you still need to be sure that you’re completely prepared. Make sure that you have enough money set aside for child care and, eventually, college tuition.

3. Don’t feel pressure: Don’t feel pressured to start a family by your friends or by a supposed biological clock.  With modern medicine and in vitro fertilization, it’s possible to have children much later in life. It’s okay to wait.

How did you know when you were ready to have kids? Feel free to leave a comment below.