Cupid's Pulse Article: Nine Unexpected Places to Find LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Nine Unexpected Places to Find Love

By Kelly Rouba, GalTime Writer

You can find love anywhere, just make sure to keep your eyes open!

Finding love is never easy– or so it seems when you’re single. As many women will admit, the bar scene isn’t always an ideal place to meet men and flirting with someone at work is sometimes frowned upon. So if you’re “looking for love in all the wrong places” or just unsure of where to mingle with eligible singles, GalTime’s relationship expert Nikki Leigh has a few suggestions that just might help you get on the right path to meeting the man of your dreams.

According to Leigh, it’s possible to meet someone just about anywhere; whether it’s while shopping at the grocery store or while working out at the gym. But if you’re looking for a true partner, Leigh believes there is a strategy or two that can help you find someone that you’re more likely to be attracted to and really interested in. “If you want to meet someone that may be more compatible with you and [who shares] your likes and dislikes, think about meeting people in places and around things that really interest you,”she said. “If you love to read, you could meet someone at a library or at a book store or at a book reading or signing. If you are very health-conscious, think about going to a gym or a health food store.”

Also keep in mind when you’re looking for love, it’s important to be open-minded. “A key to meeting people is to always be open to the idea of making new friends and reaching out to people,” Leigh asserts. Here are some more of Leigh’s tips with helping you find love in unexpected places:

9 Unexpected Places to Find Love

– The post office
– On the bus, subway, or other public transportation
– An airport
– In a night class or another type of class, such as cooking class
– At a church or church events
– At local senior events, if you’re an older adult; oppositely, many colleges are hosting “young alumni” events and some organizations even have mixers for young professionals
– Online (aside from dating sites, you may want to try gaming sites or sites devoted to hobbies of interest to you)
– In the park
– At a local store

“There can be a fine line between reaching out to meet new people and coming across like a crazy stalker,” Leigh cautions. Remember, if you do decide to approach someone at a public location or event, make sure to do so with tact.

“If you’re in the grocery store and you see an interesting guy or girl and a quick glance in their cart reveals they have similar taste, you may want to say hello as you pass them,” Leigh said. “Then, if you can meet their gaze, smile at them, a smile is very warm and friendly.” Noting that you should be careful not to leer at the person, Leigh continues “After that, if they smile back at you or, if they are pondering a decision in one of the aisles, you can subtly mention a favorite of yours and recommend they try it, but never be pushy or get in their face.” There is a real art to being subtle yet friendly and a little flirty.

“This approach can also be used on a train, bus, or subway, especially when it’s a route you travel frequently,” Leigh adds. “I’ve talked with people who have done this with great results, and I’ve had a great number of fun conversations in the grocery store.”

Next time you see someone who catches your eye, don’t be afraid to say hello and flash him a suggestive smile. You never know where it might lead you!