Cupid's Pulse Article: Three’s a Crowd: Four Perfect Couples HolidaysCupid's Pulse Article: Three’s a Crowd: Four Perfect Couples Holidays

By John of TUI Activity

Going on a break with a big group of friends can lead to some of the most exciting and memorable vacations you will ever take. Yet there comes a time when taking a break with that special someone beats out a messy jaunt to Ibiza with your pals. Here are four global holiday breaks that make for far better experiences when you’re travelling as a couple, not as an extended entourage of troublemakers:

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Route 66

If you want to enjoy a holiday on the move, but prefer four wheels to two, it may be time to hit the great American road. There is no better place in the States to burn some rubber than to enjoy the historic motorway known world over as Route 66. Traversing some 2,451 miles from the Windy City, Chicago, to the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles, drivers get to sample some of the finest parts of the American West as well as enjoying authentic roadside diners and staying in traditional motels. Yet, as this is such an epic journey, with lots of ground to cover, you better make sure you do Route 66 with someone whose presence you enjoy. Being stuck in a car with a “third wheel” would just make for an uncomfortable adventure.

St Lucia

We’ve all seen the clichéd ads for romantic honeymoons in St Lucia and believe it or not the reality on this blissful Caribbean island really is exactly as the brochures describe. Idyllic, laid-back and sensual, St Lucia is home to some of the finest beach-side resorts in the world, perfect for romantic trysts and adults-only breaks in the sun. Cocktails under palm trees, coconut oil massages on the beach and moonlit meals overlooking the sea can all be part of a breath-taking holiday to St Lucia. What’s more, many of the resorts here cater exclusively to couples, so you do not have to put up with boatloads of holidaymakers descending on your beach and causing havoc, or noisy kids running around and spoiling the tranquillity.

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Let’s face it – no-one wants to head to this shimmering lagoon city with kids in tow. People visit Venice as families when they have to, not because they want to. And just about the worst way to experience this city is to turn up on a tour bus with a coach load of other tourists all visiting the same places at the same time. No, the finest Venice holiday is to be had when you travel with your partner, getting lost down the narrow alleyways and haunting canals that mark this mysterious and captivating city out as one of the most romantic in the world. Avoid St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge and set out with your significant other to the far reaches of the islands, stopping for lunch at a local osteria or bacaro, and let the city guide you.

Rural France

Brits visit France more often than any other country, with the exception of Spain, and the most ‘in-the-know’ tourists eschew touristy Paris or over-exposed St Tropez and head into the glorious French countryside. From the shores of Normandy to the mountains of the Pyrenees, France offers rustic charms just about unmatched on the planet. Cycling holidays in France are a particularly wonderful way to re-connect with your beloved after months of the daily grind. Sample great wines at vineyards, picnic by beautiful rivers and enjoy the endless hospitality on offer at a wide range of well-equipped campsites and B&Bs. And with plenty of easy routes to take you do not have to be a Tour de France rider to embark on a rewarding and romantic cycling holiday.

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