Cupid's Pulse Article: Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Tie the KnotCupid's Pulse Article: Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Tie the Knot

Childhood pen pals from London, Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford finally tied the knot after reconnecting as adults, according to People. Sienna Miller, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Colin Firth were some of the 200 guests at the wedding which took place on a farm in Somerset, England. Mulligan, 26, split from Shia Labeouf in 2010, but made a quick recovery by beginning to date Mumford, 25, in 2011 and getting engaged in August. The couple stays humble about their relationship, but their reasoning for wedding in Britain was because “it’s where both their families are from,” a source told the Sun.

What are some ways to act on a longtime crush?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s not easy acting on a longtime crush, but how are they supposed to know you feel that way about them if you don’t tell them? You need to be a little forward in order to get a straight answer on whether you have a chance or not. Here are some ways to act on a crush:

1. Reach out: They can’t know you like them if you don’t give them some sort of hint. Start asking them to hangout with you more often, and feel out their reaction to see how to approach the situation next.

2. Be upfront: If you have been hanging out with your crush for a while now, just ask them what they think about you two being together. If you don’t make it a big deal it won’t be so uncomfortable. In fact, it’ll be refreshing to get it off your chest.

3. Make a move: One night when you are out with a group of friends and your crush is there, lead him or her to the bar alone or ask them to go dance. Step out of the friend zone.

What are some ways you would act on a longtime crush? Share your ideas below.