Cupid's Pulse Article: Which Avenger Would Be the Best Date?Cupid's Pulse Article: Which Avenger Would Be the Best Date?

While The Avengers certainly doesn’t cater too much to the romance crowd, it does feature a cast of burly and charismatic superheroes that will have people swooning over them for months to come. Whether you want to be them or be with them there is no question that this cast is pretty incredible. But which Avenger is the best contender for a candlelit dinner?

Contestant #1: Iron Man-

Bio: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) used to be in charge of a major weapons manufacturer but changed his ways after a run in with terrorists in Afghanistan. Now he spends his money, which he has a lot of, creating and modifying his suit as Iron Man. Personality wise, Stark seems not to care about a lot of things, but if you get close enough you could mean the world to him.

Pros: With Stark’s insane amount of money, you could have dinner in Rome once a week! Also, the guy has a great sense of humor, and when it comes down to it, he will do whatever he needs to to protect what he loves.

Cons: Stark is known for being a playboy, so if you don’t feel a real connection with the guy, he will move on to the next one. Plus he’s a superhero, his job isn’t exactly the safest in the world.

Contestant #2: Captain America-

Bio: Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) used to be a skinny nobody back in the early years of World War II. But after a doctor saw potential in him, he received the Super Soldier Serum, which put him at the peak of human potential. However, he ended up getting frozen in ice and waking up again in the present. Tough break.

Pros: Steve Rogers is genuinely a great guy. He will fight for whatever he believes in no matter how trivial or potentially devastating it may be. He is also perhaps the most humble of the Avengers.

Cons: The guy knows nothing of the world we live in today. The way the world works has changed a lot since the 1940s, something that may be a bit frustrating when trying to connect.

Contestant #3: The Hulk-

Bio: Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) became the Hulk after a freak accident involving Gamma radiation. Since then, he has had trouble controlling when he unleashes this horrific beast and remains in hiding from the government.

Pros: Banner is a pretty timid and overall nice guy. He could also defend you against just about anything.

Cons: You won’t like him when he’s angry. But seriously, your first fight could end in you getting crushed.

Contestant #4: Thor-

Bio: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is literally a god. From the Norse realm known as Asgard, Thor was sent down to Earth by his father to learn how to be anything but arrogant, which he did before returning to his realm.

Pros: Thor has learned to be humble and proved in his own movie that he can handle a date pretty well. He could also show you the beauty of the cosmos like no one has seen before.

Cons: Since he’s a god, he can be a little arrogant, even after he learned his lesson. He is also a little intense at times and doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Oh, and his brother is an evil mastermind that tried to take over the universe.

Contestant #5: Hawkeye-

Bio: Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and known as the world’s greatest marksman, wielding a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. Not too much is known about him otherwise since he only had a brief cameo in last summer’s Thor.

Pros: Barton is a confident man, one who is aware of exactly what he is capable of, a good quality in any significant other. Also, since he has no superpowers, he may not be as cocky as, say, Tony Stark.

Cons: As a part of the secret agent organization S.H.I.E.L.D., he probably has very little free time where he isn’t battling the forces of evil.

Contestant #6: Black Widow-

Bio: Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) is also a spy working for the secret agent organization S.H.I.E.L.D. Previously appearing as a side character in Iron Man 2, Black Widow is known to be able to kick some butt, and looks great while doing it.

Pros: She is beautiful, and a good person to have in a tight spot. Personality wise, she is pretty relaxed and has a fun sense of humor.

Cons: Like Hawkeye, the secret agent thing probably leaves Black Widow with very little free time. Also, if you are a guy, she is way stronger than you, and in some cases that might not be okay with you.

And the Winner is…Captain America!

Steve Rogers is an absolute dream come true. He’s hot, he’s smart, but most of all, he has more heart than the rest of the Avengers combined. Who cares if he is still in a 1940s mindset? That leaves him room to discover this far more advanced world by your side.

(Runner Up: Thor, just because much of his dialogue sounds like poetry.)

Disagree with our love for Captain America? Which Avenger would you want to date the most? Sound off below.