Cupid's Pulse Article: 3 Reasons Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish LastCupid's Pulse Article: 3 Reasons Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish Last

By David Wiseman

For many women, there’s something exciting and stimulating about the bad boy.  He’s a rascal and a rogue, and that’s part of the attraction.  Confident, good-looking, stylish and poised, he knows how to conduct himself.  So, then, what is the downside?  Here are three good reasons that nice guys shouldn’t be left unnoticed:

Bad Boy Attraction Can Quickly Burn Out

At first, part of the attraction stems from the fact that things are so spontaneous and exciting.  He doesn’t call four times, but rather just shows up unannounced.  But after a while, this can become a bit tiresome and a woman wants someone she can rely and depend on.

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Take George Clooney, for instance.  He’s a bad boy who is seemingly never going to be tamed.   He has said that he doesn’t want to get married again and would rather just hook-up.  For a girl who wants a long-term commitment, the glamor and excitement is quickly going to fade.

The Long Term and Starting a Family

If you’re after something serious, a nice guy shouldn’t finish last.  A relationship needs to be built on a platform of trust, communication and honesty, and you will be struggling to get that from a bad boy.

Plus, there’s the desire to start a family.  If this this something you’re after, you are going to want someone who will parent with the same concerns and values that you will.

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Some celebrity example of this is are Kevin Federline and Matthew Broderick.  K-Fede is now barely a part of Britney Spears’ life, and she takes care of her boys without his help.  Matthew Broderick is anything, but a bad boy and is a devoted dad.  This isn’t something you’re going to be thinking of in the early stages of a relationship.  Many women regret their choice of partner because the bad boy couldn’t successfully make the transition from boyfriend to father.  So, it’s important to think ahead wherever possible.

Getting Bad Out of the Nice

The thing is, it’s very easy to write off a guy after a first meeting.  He may be a bit shy and a socially awkward.  His dress sense isn’t the best, and he says the wrong thing at the wrong time.  But, after a while, you get to know him; he feels more comfortable in your presence and comes out of his shell.  What you may have is nice guy on the outside and a bad boy on the inside.

He will give you the best of both worlds.  For example, Ashton Kutcher was like this with Demi Moore until the bad boy just took over, and they split.  But being bad doesn’t always lead to relationship failure.  One famous guy who seems to have been able to keep the faith is Jon Bon Jovi, who married his high school sweetheart and is still happily married to her.  They have four kids, and he seems to one of the very few who has able to get the balance just right.

Dating a bad boy is like flying too close to the sun.  If he gets a little bit worse, he might not be loyal to you, and staying faithful is one of the biggest issues that prevent bad boys from being in long term relationships.

David Wiseman loves popular culture and is one of the few people left who think Ted Mosby will actually get married. His dream celebrity video chat is Christina Hendricks. His role models are Don Draper and Walter White.