Cupid's Pulse Article: Tim Tebow Says He’s Still SingleCupid's Pulse Article: Tim Tebow Says He’s Still Single

Famously Christian NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, is still single, as dating not fitting into his hectic lifestyle. Regardless of rumors that he had begun dating Taylor Swift and Glee star, Dianna Agron, his main focus has remained his recent trade to the New York Jets. On top of his exciting switch, Tebow is focusing on his foundation for children in need, telling People, “To be able to bring people together to raise money to help kids, and make a difference in their lives, that’s what it’s all about.” Maybe this athletic Christian will soon be able to find someone who can help him with his foundation, all the while cheering him on as a Jet.

What are some ways to find a partner with similar beliefs?

Cupid’s Advice:

The timing is really important in a relationship, as well as making sure you don’t change for them.  It’s always better to find someone who shares similar beliefs.  Cupid has some hints:

1. Look out when volunteering: If you like volunteering or any particular activity in your free time, you’ll most likely find people most similar to you at these events. If they are volunteering, they also most likely have kind hearts. Keep an eye out for someone in whom you could potentially be interested.

2. Attend family parties: Most of the time, you share the same values and beliefs as the rest of your family. Try attending more family events where friends of the family will also be. You’ll probably find a lot of people similar to how you and your family are.

3. Dating sites: If you have a tough time finding someone to fit in with your particular beliefs, try signing up for particular dating sites. There are many specific dating websites that can be used to fit your needs.

What do you think are the best places to find a potential partner with similar beliefs? Share your ideas below.