Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Was Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ By Anne V BreakupCupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Was Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ By Anne V Breakup

Adam Levine was apparently not planning on being single anytime soon.  After two years of dating, ex-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna was reportedly ready to move on.  The problem was that Levine didn’t get the memo, much like Seal with his impending divorce.  According to, Vyalitsyna announced the break up to the world April 2 without giving him a heads-up.  Friends saw it coming, however, citing a “lack of proposal” as one of the catalysts for the split.

How do you cope when a split seemingly comes out of nowhere?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes a breakup isn’t always expected and can take you by surprise.  Cupid shares how to deal with a split you just weren’t ready for:

1. Take it slow: Limit the stress in your life, and don’t be too hard on yourself.  It’s not necessary to move on right away, so embrace the single life.

2. Acceptance: To get to the stage of acceptance after a breakup, you must first get over the rejection.  Cut yourself off from your ex, as you both weren’t ready for the relationship and you each have to take your own amount of responsibility.  Once you can accept responsibility, you can accept the separation.

3. Move on: Make new friends, try something new and get out of the house.  Your relationship is over, so don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about why.

How do you get over an unexpected split? Share below.