Cupid's Pulse Article: Country Crooner Jake Owen Prepares to Tie the KnotCupid's Pulse Article: Country Crooner Jake Owen Prepares to Tie the Knot

Country star Jake Owen’s proposal to girlfriend Lacy Buchanan was a total surprise, even to Owen himself.  According to People, Owen spontaneously decided to bring his fiancé on stage at the Citrus Bowl and proposed while serenading her.   Without a ring, but with plenty of hugs and kisses, Buchanan said “yes.”  Owen was so happy about getting engaged on the same stage he graduated on at Vera Beach High, that he tweeted, “I’m a happy man.  Life is complete.”

What are some unique ways to propose?

Cupid’s Advice:

Proposals can be so cliche.  It’s important that you make your engagement personal.  Here are some unique ways to pop the big question:

1. Think small: Sometimes the simplest proposal can be the most romantic.  Proposing during dinner at home can be the perfect start to a long and happy life together.

2. Make it personal: Every couple has their own story.  Think about something that is just between the two of you and let your imagination run wild.

3. The ultimate surprise: Sometimes just asking, ring or no ring, can be the best way to go.  Surprises aren’t for everyone, but might be the best idea for your proposal.

What unique way have you proposed or were proposed to? Share your comments below.