Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out Why Chloe Moretz Isn’t DatingCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out Why Chloe Moretz Isn’t Dating

In actress Chloe Moretz’s upcoming film, Hick, she runs away from her abusive parents, but her real life family is far from that in the movie.  Not only are her parents very involved, so are her big brothers, and she blames them for her nonexistent love life.  “Because of my four older brothers, it just doesn’t go down,” she said according to People.  “I had a lot of friends and guys that I think are cute and stuff, but it doesn’t really work out with the family and all.  My family’s a bit too big and a bit too abrasive.”  As for now, the 15-year-old star spends her time playing video games instead of dreaming about boys.

How do you keep your family from hindering your dating life?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your family can have a lot of influence on your life, but they shouldn’t have the final say on your dating life.  Cupid has some tips to help you balance the situation:

1. Be discrete: When you’re young, boyfriends and girlfriends seem to be more like a trend than anything long term, so unless it’s serious, keep it under wraps.  What your family doesn’t know won’t always hurt them, and it leaves a lot less interrogating for you.

2. Understanding: When you hit a certain age, there’s a time when you and your parents need to have a talk about loosening the reins.  If you let your parents, they would keep you under tight watch forever, especially of you’re a girl, so come to an agreement about getting more freedom, but still respecting their rules.

3. Approval: Having your parents’s approval of the person you’re dating is the easiest way for the dating experience to go smoother.  If they like the person you’re seeing, they’re more likely to let you see them more often without a hassle.

How do you keep your family from messing with your dating life?  Share your comments below.