Cupid's Pulse Article: Jersey Shore 2: Gym, Tan, & Seaside HookupsCupid's Pulse Article: Jersey Shore 2: Gym, Tan, & Seaside Hookups

MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore premiered its second season last Thursday, and it’s already seen its share of hookups.  The cast uses the term “creeping,” which basically means picking up girls with the intention of a late night hook-up – and nothing else.  In reference to his desire to leave New Jersey for the winter in favor of sunny Miami, Pauly D said, “You can’t creep in this weather.  You can’t do anything.  Girls don’t come out in this weather.  They stay in the house.”  Later in the episode, Vinny vowed that he would hook up with 60 different girls in 60 days, telling the camera that if he misses one day, he’ll simply double up on the next.  The newly single Ronnie took creeping to the next level, letting loose in a nightclub upon arriving in Miami.

The casual hookup is not for everyone. But if no one gets hurt, should people get it out of their system while they are still young?

Cupid’s Advice:

Be responsible.  Enjoy it for what it is, but never forget about the possibility of true love entering your life.  Here are some of Cupid’s ways to hook up safe:

1. It takes two to tango: If one party wants a relationship while the other purely wants a hookup, someone is bound to get burned.  Be absolutely clear about your intentions, and those of your partner.  The casual hookup only works if both of you are on the same page.

2. Be safe: If you happen to go all the way, use protection — always!  Use condoms every time – no excuses – and consider taking the Pill, or other forms of contraceptive.

3. Be respectful: People with roommates like those on the Jersey Shore should think about their roommates before taking someone home.  Be considerate!