Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Celebrity Divorces We Really Weren’t ExpectingCupid's Pulse Article: Five Celebrity Divorces We Really Weren’t Expecting

By Francesca B.

The world of celebrity is fraught with ups and downs.  Scandals of drug abuse, cheating husbands and lying wives make for gripping and sensational stories when they come to public attention.  We have come to expect a bit of drama from Hollywood romances, but even so, there have been some celebrity divorces that we really didn’t see coming.  Here are a few:

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

The original Hollywood sweethearts, Tom and Nicole met on the set of the hit movie, Days of Thunder, in which they played a young and romantically entwined couple very believably indeed.  It was therefore no great surprise when their on-screen romance started to become apparent off screen as well, and they were eventually wed on Christmas Eve, 1990.  A popular and adorable couple, they stuck it out for over a decade before “irreconcilable differences” saw them seeking the advice of divorce solicitors and putting an end to the fairy tale romance the whole world had enjoyed.  Still, both parties have now happily remarried and have children with their new partners.

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes

The beautiful actress of Titanic fame, who we all thought would marry the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio, instead fell for dashing director, Sam Mendes.  Despite being 10 years her senior, he definitely wasn’t her sugar daddy, with Winslet being worth about double the Mendes fortune.  They painted a picture of domestic bliss, but following the making of Revolutionary Road, a film starring Winslet and directed by Mendes and ironically about a couple stuck in a failing marriage, their relationship hit the rocks.  To the surprise of the couple’s friends and fans, they split in March 2010, leaving Winslet with two children from two marriages at just 34.

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Courteney Cox and David Arquette

One of the world’s best-known faces of the ’90s for her role in Friends, Courteney Cox surprised everyone when she hooked up with David Arquette after starring in the Scream movies with him.  However, even more shocking was the news that after 11 years of marriage and a child together, the couple had decided to split.  Despite speculation about the real reasons, Cox stated that she “was tired of being (David’s) mother.”

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

We all love Madge, and when she decided to marry a quirky British director and settle down in the English countryside, the place we held in our hearts for her grew a little bit bigger.  The announcement that the couple were splitting up in 2011 came as a complete shock to most, with Madonna claiming that Ritchie ‘drinks too much’ as the reason for the split.  That’s OK, Madge, we still love you.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Another celebrity of Friends fame and so popular she had an entire generation of young ladies going into hairdressers and asking for ‘a Rachel,’ Jennifer Aniston tied the knot with the most eligible bachelor in the world, Mr. Brad Pitt.  Without a doubt the hottest couple in Hollywood, it seemed nothing could come between them.  But that was until naughty Brad went off to film Mr. and Mrs. Smith and reportedly fell in love with Miss Luscious Lips herself, Angelina Jolie.  Brad and Jen split a few months later, back in 2005, but even today Hollywood still rumbles with the scandal from time to time.

Whether expected or unexpected, Hollywood splits never cease to rock the Tinseltown boat with rumors and gossip.  If only everyone could just be happy all the time!

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