Cupid's Pulse Article: Jim Toth Steps Up as Stepdad to Reese Witherspoon’s KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Jim Toth Steps Up as Stepdad to Reese Witherspoon’s Kids

Reese Witherspoon has found a stand up guy to be her husband!  Jim Toth has definitely shown himself to be parent material, which is a good thing since the couple is expecting a child together.  According to, Toth wasn’t “sure about having kids” when they first began dating in 2010, but warmed up to the idea once he got to know Witherspoon’s two children.  Toth is all about family now and the couple are “big family people.”

What are some important things to remember when you marry someone with kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it can be difficult adjusting to a new parent.  Cupid shares some things to consider when you marry someone who already has children:

1. Blending families: It’s important to remember that even though you’re becoming a part of a family and thus creating a new one with your partner, these kids may already have a parent and may not be immediately receptive to your new role.

2. Do you like kids?: Don’t marry into a family with children if you don’t like children.  Simple as that.  It’s not any easier raising a child that is not biologically yours, so make sure you’re ready to be a parent.

3. Lifestyle: Make sure you’re ready to change your lifestyle.  While dating someone with kids, you may not have experienced many changes socially; however, once you have the role of step parent, you have to become a role-model.

What did you think about before becoming a step-parent? Share your thoughts below.