Cupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Sayings that Can Destroy Your Love Life Before It BeginsCupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Sayings that Can Destroy Your Love Life Before It Begins

By Nisha Ramirez

Whether you’re on a first date or in a new relationship, the things you say can play a huge role in finding and keeping love. They say that “actions speak louder than words,” but we’re here to tell you that sometimes certain phrases can destroy your love life before it even begins. Check out these 10 expressions you should avoid when you’re looking for Cupid’s arrow to hit your target:

1. My biological clock is ticking.

Okay, we know women have to think about time when it comes to having a baby, but asking your new beau what day you should schedule a visit to the OBGYN together is just crazy. Let time run its course, and then the two of you can begin to talk about children. Rule of thumb: If you haven’t discussed moving in or adopting a puppy together, chances are he is not ready to talk about babies.

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2. Do you find that guy attractive?

It happens: you see a cute guy or television star and ask your boyfriend if he thinks the guy is good looking. If you occasionally do this just because there isn’t another female around, we understand. However, if this is your way of finding out if your guy is gay, stop it now! The more you question a man’s sexuality, the less attractive you will become to him.

3. Do you think that girl is cute?

Asking a man if he finds another girl attractive can really make things awkward. Besides coming off as insecure (a huge turnoff), you look like you don’t trust him. Don’t worry about him checking out another girl unless you see him doing it. If that’s the case, you have our permission to use some other sailor mouth “sayings.”

4. You remind me of my father/mother.

What? No one wants to be reminded of their date’s parents. Comparing your partner to your mom or dad can cause major problems in a relationship. Your significant other may begin to feel like they have to live up to be like your parent, and expectations often lead to disappointments.

5. What’s the passcode to your phone?

Asking for a person’s passcode is equivalent to asking for the key to a person’s privacy and not their heart. Having your partner’s phone can lead to constantly checking their emails, text messages, Twitter and Facebook. This unhealthy habit can really make you paranoid and might make your partner actually give you a reason to have to look through his things.

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6. How much do you make?

Unless you’re about to make a huge purchase with your partner, such as buying a house, this question is off limits. What if you make more money than him? That could really cause some self-esteem issues. Or if you make less than him, that could make you look like a real gold digger, when you should be looking for love.

7. Do you believe in God?

Religion and politics should be off limits. They can really cause unneeded tension and can make the both of you feel uncomfortable. In a diverse society, we still tend to categorize people based on their religion and for whom they vote. Don’t put a block on potentially meeting your soul mate.

8. This is going to be a great story to tell our kids, after the wedding of course!

Letting a guy know that you want to marry him early on can really be a turnoff. You shouldn’t be talking about children if you haven’t made big life decisions together, and choosing what movie to go see after dinner does not count. Still don’t understand? Telling a guy that you want to marry him on a date is like a guy saying he just wants to hook-up with you.

9. You look better in pictures.

In our world of tech dating, sometimes we first meet our date through an online profile picture.  If you ever meet someone for the first time, don’t say that they look different in pictures. You’re basically saying that they look worse in person. We’re all for being honest, but not when it comes to hurting someone’s feelings and self-esteem right after you meet them.

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10. I loved being intimate with my ex.

Conversations about exes and intimacy should not happen on first dates. Your date will think that you are not over your ex and that will definitely stop potential love in its tracks. If you stay away from this subject, you’ll have a much better chance of the relationship surviving another date.

Have you ever said or been told any of these expressions? Share your comments below.