Cupid's Pulse Article: Mike Fisher Knows Where He & Carrie Underwood Will LiveCupid's Pulse Article: Mike Fisher Knows Where He & Carrie Underwood Will Live

Carrie Underwood’s new hubby, Mike Fisher, says he knows where the couple wants to settle down, People reported last week.  The hockey star told CTV Ottawa that he would love to have Underwood in his Canadian home while he plays hockey for the Senators.   “We’re both comfortable here.  Home is where we are, so let’s make this home,” he said.  However, Fisher has no issue with returning to the country singer’s home in Nashville down the road.  “When I’m done [with] hockey, she’ll still be working.  I’m sure she can always work.  We’ll settle in Nashville.  I love it there.”

After marriage, how can you decide where to call home?

Cupid’s Advice

Unless you’ve chosen to live together prior to marriage, you’ll eventually need to settle on one home together.  Here are some ideas Cupid has come up with to help make that decision:

1. Pros and cons: List out what you love and hate about your choices, then compare notes.  You might find a compromise between the lines.

2. Size matters: Consider the size of the homes you’re choosing between.  Are they big enough for both of you, children (if you’re planning for them), and your things?  When settling down, make sure it accommodates both your needs.

3. Distance from loved ones: Family can play an important role in deciding where to live, whether you choose to stay close to them, or want to get as far away as possible from them as possible.