Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Holiday Shopping TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Holiday Shopping Together

By Samantha Mucha

This holiday season get your shopping done early.  Turn this chore into a date and take your sweetheart with you.  Doing this tedious task will be exponentially more romantic if you accomplish it together.

Make a list for both of you and see what you can tackle as a team.  Both of your mothers will love new pajama and slipper sets, and both of your fathers will both enjoy ties, all from the same department store.  Map your route before you hit the mall to ensure you have the smoothest shopping experience. Keep the romance strong and keep the arguing to a minimum!

Since this will most likely be a full day event be sure to feed your man so that he doesn’t become agitated and ruin the day.  Make pit stops at Starbucks and the food court throughout the day.  Don’t worry about the calories because all of that walking and bag carrying will burn them off.

Try to get as much shopping done as possible. However, don’t buy your partner’s gift in front of him.  Let it be a surprise.  The plus side of shopping early together is seeing what catches your beau’s eye.  Stop by your significant other’s favorite store and see what they drool over.  At a later date sneak back to the mall and pick it up for them.

Don’t let shopping all day become stressful. Take your lover by the hand, take on the mall while emptying your pockets for the sake of romance.