Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Black Friday ShoppingCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Black Friday Shopping

By Samantha Mucha

If you go out for this crazy, corporate holiday, then why not do it with your lover? This experience can be very frustrating when done alone, so why not take your favorite person along and make it a more enjoyable experience? Your partner could be the perfect addition and it will certainly be an interesting way to measure the strength of your relationship.

Black Friday begins a lot earlier than it ever used to in the past with merchants beginning on midnight or earlier on Thanksgiving eve.  So, after your Thanksgiving dinner stay up and watch movies until it’s time to go, and then hit the stores.  End the early morning hours with breakfast and a nap.

Shopping with your partner allows you to test your relationship to see how well you two work as a team under the pressure of all the great deals.  As well as, see how well you know each other.  Find out if your partner cracks under sleep deprivation or if he knows your family well enough to help you select the perfect gifts for them.

To add more pressure to Black Friday, make a competition with your beau.  Whoever completes the most shopping and gets the best deals for their purchases wins!  The loser has to make breakfast, or doesn’t get to nap until after they give the winner a foot massage.

Be sure to map out your route, and scan online to find the best deals before heading out at the crack of dawn.  A smart game plan will give you an edge over your sweetheart (and everyone else standing in line to buy that new flat screen television for $99.99) and of course it will make the whole experience run a lot smoother.

How do you spend Black Friday? Let us know below.