Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton Go on Ski Trip in FranceCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton Go on Ski Trip in France

Prince William and Kate Middleton took a trip to the Three Valley’s ski resort in France as a treat from the Middleton family, who tagged along as well!  This isn’t the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been seen hitting the slopes with Middleton’s family, and according to, an onlooker at the resort who saw the family of five together at lunch said, “They looked very happy together.”  Although William and Kate were recently reunited after William’s six-week tour of duty in the Falklands, the two will have to wait to get some alone time since the entire family has decided to share the same chalet.

What are some things to do on vacation that will bond you as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Whether you’re on vacation together alone, as a couple or with your family and friends, Cupid has some ideas that are sure to strengthen the bond of your relationship:

1. Adventure: Seek the thrills that your vacation spot has to offer, whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or something a little more low key such as snorkeling.  Doing something together that tests your limits or gives you a new perspective on life will create a moment that neither of you will ever forget.

2. Relaxation: It’s called a vacation for a reason, so take time to relax.  Enjoy a couples massage, lay out on the beach and listen to the crash of the waves against the shore, or sink into a hot tub under the stars.  Having the chance to unwind will release any stress or tension you’ve been carrying around.  It could also make you more patient with you partner, who usually has to suffer the lash of your negative energy.

3. Meditation: Remind each other why you’re in love, and talk about the reasons you’re crazy about them.  It’s always nice to have a reminder, because we can often feel like we’re being taken for granted when our partners stop doing the little things.  It will give you the chance to reignite the flame you felt when you first met, and could even give you the chance to share some laughs or tears.

What activities brought you closer to your loved one during a vacation?  Share your comments below.