Cupid's Pulse Article: Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Are Accused of Assaulting a ManCupid's Pulse Article: Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Are Accused of Assaulting a Man

Actress Megan Fox and her husband of nearly two years, actor Brian Austin Green, are defendants in a lawsuit where the two allegedly assaulted paparazzo Delbert Shaw.  While the lovebirds were vacationing in Hawaii, the photographer was apparently trying to snap shots of them in the sand and surf, but they quickly became angry and began arguing with the man.  Documents report that the argument escalated, leading Green to “pummel” Shaw, while Fox cheered him on.  According to, the lawsuit claims that Shaw suffered serious injuries and that Green threw the man’s iPhone into the ocean.

In the midst of legal trouble, how do you stand by your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:  

On your wedding day you signed up for better or for worse, and sometimes things can get pretty bad sometimes.  Cupid has some tips to help you stand by your partner during trying times:

1. Trust: Of course there are going to be two sides of the story, and there may be things that make you want to doubt your partner, but not trusting them will lead to fighting.

2. Support: Going through legal troubles is going to be a lot of added stress to your everyday life, so you need to support each other in order to stay positive and confident about your situation.

3. Advise: Your partner is going to have to make a lot of decisions along the legal road, so take the time to weigh the pros and cons.  The results of their choices will affect both of your lives.

Have you ever had to stay by your partner during legal troubles?  Share your comments below.