Cupid's Pulse Article: Jon Hamm Explains Why He’d Be a ‘Terrible Father’Cupid's Pulse Article: Jon Hamm Explains Why He’d Be a ‘Terrible Father’

Jon Hamm, currently starring Friends with Kids, says he doesn’t want kids.  The 41-year-old actor told, “I’d be a terrible father!”   Hamm, a devoted actor, doesn’t know how his friends can balance a demanding career and children.  His girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, 42, also recently spoke out about why she Hamm never started a family.  She said that her life has gone in many unanticipated directions, and that she’s happy the way things are.  “The chance that we’ll regret it doesn’t seem like a compelling enough reason to do it,” she said.  “I may wake up tomorrow with that lighting bolt, and I’ll have to scramble to make it happen.”

How do you know if you’re cut out to be a parent?

Cupid’s Advice: 

It’s usually not about if you’d love and care for your child, but if you are ready to have one of your own.  Here are some ways to tell if you’re cut out to be a parent:

1. You’re in a committed relationship:  The most important factor when having a child is the state you’re in with your significant other.  You both need to be committed in the long run if you are going to have a child together.

2. You’re both stable:  The most important years of a child’s life are when they first begin growing up.  You need to make sure you’re financially stable as well as able to settle down in one place for a while as your child grows up.

3. Family must come first: When you want to have a child, that should come before anything else.  You need to be able to put your family above your career, because if you plan to be an absent parent, then you aren’t ready to raise a child.

How do you think you know if you’re ready to be a parent? Share your comments below.