Cupid's Pulse Article: Lady Gaga Confesses Her Soccer Mom Dreams to OprahCupid's Pulse Article: Lady Gaga Confesses Her Soccer Mom Dreams to Oprah

It seems Lady Gaga is fed up with talking to people.  According to, the pop star spoke with Oprah and said, “Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time.”  And in that final interview, Gaga also divulged her dreams for the future.  “I want kids, I want a soccer team,” she said about wanting a large family.  “And I want a husband.  Well, I’m being superfluous.  I don’t want to have one kid.  I want to have a few.”  Now, all she has to do is find that dream guy!

If you’re ready to settle down, but can’t find the right partner, what do you do?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes your biological clock is telling you it’s time to settle down and have those kids you always wanted, but you simply can’t find the right person with whom to do it.  Cupid has some advice:

1. Embrace independence: Even if you don’t have a partner, you should be able to have enough independence to be happy on your own.  Coming to terms with who you are and learning how to satisfy yourself is the first step to finding a significant other.  Confidence attracts.

2. Hold out: If you absolutely do not want to embrace settling down alone, then hold tight for a couple more years.  Utilize online dating, speed dating and other businesses set up just for matchmaking purposes.  Get out there and meet your soul mate.

3. Analyze your expectations: If it’s been a while since you found someone you want to date and it seems like you’ve been sifting through partners quickly, it may be time to examine your expectations.  Discuss these with a professional, as they may not be realistic.  Do you really need a 6-foot-tall built redhead with freckles?  Probably not.

What did you do when you couldn’t find a partner? Share your ideas below.