Cupid's Pulse Article: Vanessa Minnillo Talks Up Pregnancy on Double DateCupid's Pulse Article: Vanessa Minnillo Talks Up Pregnancy on Double Date

Pregnancy can be tough, so it’s no wonder Nick Lachey took mom-to-be Vanessa Minnillo on a double date this weekend, right?  Well, no.  According to People, Minnillo spent the double date in Brentwood, Calif. gushing about how wonderful her pregnancy has been.  An onlooker said,  “She has this cute little belly.”

How much about your pregnancy should you share with friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s thin line between just enough information and too much information.   Cupid has some tips on how much you should be sharing about your pregnancy:

1. Facebook: Pregnancy updates on facebook are TMI.  It’s nice to share this moment of happiness with friends, but not so much with your entire friend list which contains coworkers and old teachers.

2. All in the details: It’s not a crime to want to share your pregnancy with anyone and everyone.  The difference is in the details.  If you’re not especially close with someone, you should know how much is too much.  No one needs pregnancy advice from too many people.

3. It’s okay to fib a little: Don’t want to tell your friends about that morning sickness you had before brunch?  It’s okay to tweak how your pregnancy is going so that you don’t have to share some of the more unpleasant details.

What do you share about your pregnancy with friends? Share below.