Cupid's Pulse Article: Mario Lopez and Fiancé Load Up on Spring ScentsCupid's Pulse Article: Mario Lopez and Fiancé Load Up on Spring Scents

Spring is in the air, and actor Mario Lopez and his fiance Courtney Mazza started the season with some fresh scents.  The couple loaded up on the latest spring collection at Bath and Body Works, and Mazza joked about how she loves to hoard their products.  According to People, Mario mentioned that he loves it when his fiance wears a coconut scent as they were testing out the new products.

What are some fun ways to celebrate spring with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Spring has finally come after a long winter, so get out and enjoy it with the one you love.  Cupid has some tips to help you shake off your winter blues and get spring rolling:

1. Be active: Snow is melted and the sun is shining, so take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer by planning an outdoor date.  Rollerblading or going to play putt-putt where you can breathe in some of the fresh new air are great options.

2. Kick back:  It’s always nice to relax with the sun warming up your face and giving you a healthy glow, so plan a picnic with your partner somewhere where you can enjoy each others’ company and take in the newly budding nature around you.

3. Re-accessorize:  It’s time to ditch those winter clothes and hall out your summer wardrobe.  Hit the shopping mall with your partner, and load up on some new spring trend essentials.

How do you plan to celebrate the start of the season?  Share your comments below.