Cupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Baby BumpCupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Baby Bump

It looks as if Kristin Cavallari is now very visibly pregnant.  Cavallari de-stressed last weekend by going to Mexico with fiance Jay Cutler and showing off her baby bump.  According to People, she is also trying yoga, as she hears “it helps with giving birth.”  This is the first child for Cutler and Cavallari, and Cavallari was shocked when a baby bump appeared overnight.  Pregnancy is full of surprises, so mother-to-be will no doubt be experiencing more along the way!

What are some ways your partner can you help you stay healthy during pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay healthy during pregnancy, as your cravings become intense when you’re eating for two.  Here are some ways your partner can help:

1. Serve as an example: If your partner wants you to be healthy during pregnancy, then he or she needs to do the same.  There’s nothing worse than temptation, so have your partner avoid alcohol and smoking like you should.  Start being a great parent before the baby is even born.

2. Exercise as a couple: Exercise with your sweetheart.  Like Cavallari, have your partner take you to yoga or go with you while you’re pregnant.

3. Get support: Don’t hesitate to lean on your partner for support.  Not only is physical health important when you’re expecting, but mental health is as well.  Talk things out and de-stress with your mate.

What are some ways you put your health first with your partner’s help during pregnancy? Share below.