Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get FishyCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get Fishy

By Ché Blackwood

Take advantage of the weather this weekend by getting slippery with your cutie and go fishing. Regardless of how you feel about spending the day with a few worms, strap on some sneakers and a bikini top and take on Mother Nature with your beau. By sitting on a dock, buying some bait and maybe even grabbing a beer or two, you and your sweetie can make memories while being adventurous!

If possible, rent a boat and go out to sea. Other than the fish, you may be lucky enough to see even rarer marine life. Plus, with the sun beating down on you and the blue water reflecting back up, you’ll be sure to catch a golden tan. Make a game out of it by seeing who can catch the biggest fish of all. If it’s legal, take some home and make a delicious dinner for your love with what you two caught. Not only is it healthy, but you’ll bond over the satisfaction that comes from catching and cooking your own meal.

Get extra outdoorsy by going camping or renting a cabin with your honey. Disconnect from the world and take a few days to relax beside a lake, or in the mountains, with the one person that matters most. Even if camping or fishing isn’t your thing, the quality time will be more than worth it. Plus, an outdoor vacation means you’ll have the rare opportunity to sit under the stars together, a great romantic ending to a fun and fish-filled day.

Do you and your honey go fishing? What’s your favorite way to spend the day outside? Tell us in the comments below.