Cupid's Pulse Article: Ben Flajnik Proposes Marriage on ‘The Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Ben Flajnik Proposes Marriage on ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Flajnik has had quite a season on The Bachelor, but he’s finally found a forever love in Courtney Robertson.  According to People, Flajnik said he was “not sure how this is going to end” before Monday’s Finale.  But, it ended in heartbreak for other finale contestant, Lindzi Cox.  Flajnik and Robertson, however, intend to be happy together after saying “I do” despite the reported cattiness of Robertson on the show.  Of the ring, Robertson said, “God, this ring is heavy!”

 How do you know when you’re ready for marriage in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide when to make that big decision to walk down the aisle with the love of your life.  Cupid shares some ways to know if you’re ready:

1. You don’t have to talk yourself into it: If you have to talk you or your partner into the idea of getting married, you’re probably not ready.  There should be no hesitation from either of you.

2. Stability: Are you or your partner financially unstable?  You should both have steady jobs so that money doesn’t become an issue early on in your happy marriage.

3. Trust: Your partner should be honest and open.  It’s important to make sure of this before taking that big step toward marriage.

What are some ways you knew that your partner was the one? Share below.